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At Centennial Moments, our mission is to preserve and celebrate the invaluable milestones that have shaped humanity over the past century. Through the power of storytelling, we aim to bring to life the significant moments, events, and achievements that have defined generations. By capturing these extraordinary centennial memories, our vision is to provide a comprehensive archive that embodies the essence of humanity’s progress, resilience, and aspirations.


Centennial Moments was founded in 2015 by Alan Hudson, a renowned historian with a deep passion for preserving historical memory. Inspired by his own experiences of witnessing how tales get lost over time, he recognized the urgent need to document significant historical events and make them accessible to future generations. With this vision in mind, Centennial Moments was born as a platform to curate, compile, and present poignant narratives from around the world.

Founder: Alan Hudson

Alan Hudson is an esteemed historian with decades of experience in researching and documenting historical events. His exhaustive knowledge and dedication to preserving memories have earned him accolades from renowned institutions and historians worldwide. Alan’s vision for Centennial Moments is to create a repository of remarkable centennial stories that can inspire, educate, and enrich the lives of people across the globe.

Website Objective and Unique Value

Centennial Moments website serves a twofold objective. Firstly, it strives to act as a virtual sanctuary for history enthusiasts, researchers, and the general public who seek an accessible and structured account of the past century’s defining moments. Secondly, our platform encourages individuals to contribute their personal experiences, memories, and accounts of time-honored incidents, bridging the gap between the recorded past and subjective personal narratives.

Our platform’s unique value lies in its approach to historical storytelling, blending expertly curated information from trustworthy sources with personal anecdotes from people who have lived through these transformative events. It not only provides a comprehensive understanding of historical episodes, but also captures the emotional essence that makes these stories truly impactful. Moreover, Centennial Moments sports a team of experienced and highly skilled editors and devoted team members who meticulously verify and curate every piece of content, ensuring accuracy, authenticity, and thoughtfulness.

Target Audience

Centennial Moments appeals to a wide spectrum of audiences fascinated by history, collective memory, and humanity’s shared heritage. History enthusiasts, students, researchers, and teachers, seeking validated and diverse perspectives on historical events, will find our website an invaluable resource. Furthermore, Centennial Moments caters to those individuals who wish to explore their personal connections to the past and contribute their own stories. We strive to cultivate an inclusive, knowledge-sharing community that promotes an enriching conversation around history.

Centennial Moments is not only a platform to traverse the annals of history; it is a celebration of the human spirit, resilience, progress, and acheivements that have defined the last century. We are committed to preserving and presenting these invaluable centennial moments for current and future generations, ensuring that the essence of human legacy thrives through the passage of time. Join us on this journey of commemoration and discovery as we traverse the troves of history and are united by the power of the past.

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